Top Edge has been in business since March of 2002. Top Edge is locally owned and operated and has knowledge of the area and trail systems!  When you rent from Top Edge you can count on a pleasant experience!  We appreciate every customer that walks in the door and will do our very best to make you feel at home!  We want you to enjoy your rental and create lasting memories with your family!
  • Who we are

    Locally owned/operated in beautiful Montrose Colorado! Our location is conveniently located just 3 miles south of Montrose.  Getting to trail systems from any direction is easy! Montrose is a great hub for exploring the trail systems!  Just pick a direction and you'll be on a trail system in no time! Rimrocker trail out of Montrose Colorado is awesome!  Wave-Eagle Loop trail out of Montrose Colorado is awesome as well! Looking to explore Ouray, Co?  Ouray is just south of us.  Hit trails like Yankee Boy, Imogene, Corkscrew, Engineer, and Alpine Loop!  Or just hit trails here in Montrose like Rimrocker, Peach Valley, Owl Creek Pass, Wave-Eagle Loop, and Silver Jack Reservoir.
  • Why Choose us

    Looking to hit trails like Yankee Boy, Imogene, Corkscrew, Engineer, and Alpine Loop but don't want to pay the high rental rates in Ouray, CO? We offer the lowest rental rates in the area! Ouray is just south of us! Family friendly units that are easy to drive with wide footprint for a stable ride! Take these trails and feel safe in our units!Top Edge is a locally owned and operated business with only this location.   We treat all customers with great appreciation and want you and your family to have a great time with the rental! Free coffee, water, coke, cookies, and popcorn available in our showroom while your here!  Just our way of saying thank you so much for your business!
  • Affordable Rentals

    Lowest rental prices in the area!  Compare for yourself and save with us!  We also have insurance for you unlike some other rental companies that make you fully responsible for any damages!  No large security deposit either!  Most rental companies require a $1k security deposit!  Not us, just pay the low rental price plus insurance!
    We do our best to keep rental prices down so these can be rented out for as much time as you really want them for. We offer daily rates as well as hourly rates.  Our machines are current name brand units that look sharp and our easy to drive!  You don't have to worry about breaking down on the trails with old outdated rentals with us!  We keep our fleet new!